Wednesday, May 25

Fortel Nijjer CEO of Fortel, Sat Nijjer BeSafe App

Be Safe! Make reporting incidents, near misses and examples of good practice part of your regular working routine and play your part in ensuring a safe working environment for all.

At Fortel, Health, Safety, and Wellbeing are at the forefront of our company commitments and values. We want to ensure that we are working with you to create a happy, healthy and safe workplace.  That’s why we have our BeSafe mobile App and web based accident logging tool to enable you to quickly and easily raise any concerns, issues, incidents or examples of good practise that you see whilst out and about on site or in the office.

We encourage you to proactively report situations/environments that you deem to be unsafe or (if left) could lead to an unsafe environment/situation for yourself or your colleagues.  In instances such as these, please do what you can to make the environment/situation safe if you are able to safely do so, or speak to your Supervisor or health and safety representative. Once the situation/environment is safe, please report your finding/findings using our App or web tool.  All reports can be logged anonymously if you prefer to raise issues discreetly.

We also encourage you to you report any good practises that you see so that these can be recognised and celebrated.

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