Tuesday, July 5

Fortel Nijjjer – Sat , Current CEO of Construction Industry

Mr. Sat Nijjer, Fortel Owner takes immense pleasure in announcing the successful re-certifications of various accreditations. Mr. Fortel Nijjer also takes pride in their Rail and Compliance Team that has passed the RISQS audit with flying colors. Fortel has been in close partnership with the Railway Industry and in June 2019 the Fortel Group was audited by the RSSB RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme). The industry owned and governed scheme enables the suppliers such as Fortel to prove that they are capable providers of services in this heavily regulate industry. Fortel has proved its mettle as they continue to keep the health, safety and compliance always the top priority.

In continuation with the above accreditation, Fortel Owner Mr. Sat Nijjer also announces Fortel’s partnership with Supply Chain Sustainability School. Fortel’s commitment towards tackling the social and environmental challenges in and around West Midlands and Birmingham has contributed to this partnership. In 2017, Fortel has secured the partnership status with the Supply Chain Sustainability Schools with a network of over 60 major contractors, clients and Tier1 suppliers to build supply chain skills. The specific initiatives include investments in fuel-efficient vehicles to reduce carbon footprint; reducing mail usage by going electronic; and a major commitment of funding 100 apprentices.

In 2019, Fortel Group also welcomed the Walsall Works Silver Partner Award under the Walsall Council’s award-winning initiate to recognize the contribution and investment that employers make towards the betterment of their local workforce. The year gone by has also brought Fortel yet another prestigious recognition for being one of the 100 businesses to achieve the Ethnic Minority Business Accreditation.

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